Tariff plans for investment have been adjusted in accordance with the profits of the exchanger at the moment.

From August 1, 2017 entered into force the new tariff plans:

  • Deposit for 30 days — net profit 6%;
  • Deposit for 45 days — net profit 10%;
  • Deposit for 60 days — net profit 15%;
  • Deposit for 90 days — net profit 22%;
  • Deposit for 180 days — net profit 45%;
  • Deposit for 365 days — net profit 100%.


  1. New tariff plans will be applied only to deposits made after August 1, 2017.
  2. All active deposits made before the changes are saved on the basis of existing conditions informed.
  3. When extending the Deposit made before August 1, 2017, a new Deposit will be applied to the previous rate plans applicable before the amendment.
  4. The payment system used for the investment, and the currency remain unchanged.
  5. Investment plans, payment systems and currency of calculation can be eventually changed depending on necessary replenishment of the reserve of a currency for making exchange transactions.

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